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Zack Ng

Prudential Associate Financial
Services Manager

Having come from a humble family background, I’ve always wondered how to rescue myself out of my current financial situation during my days as an undergraduate. I found it hard to achieve a head start in life if I were to merely focus my time on pursuing my degree.


I came across the financial services industry in late 2015 and realized the greater opportunities that were presented to me - this career allowed me to have full control over my salary, progression and time.


This career has also provided me with great fulfillment from being able to change the lives of my clients whom I will be journeying with throughout their life stages.


I am very grateful towards Team William Tan Organisation for constantly allowing me to thrive and being an integral part of my character development. The people around me have changed the way I view life for the better and I am always well-taken care of which really helped me to feel like I am always in an optimal state to pursue my goals.


Only with a good mental state, then can we bring upon positive impact to the people around us and help them reach the desired life they envision.

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