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Wang Shu Fang

Prudential Master Financial Consultant

Most of my friends were in disbelief and puzzled when they found out that an introverted individual like me was stepping into this industry. 


The early years required hard work and the will to embrace failures which can only be understood by my colleagues. At times, the rejections that I faced made me feel lonely and under-valued for the work that I did. However, I pressed on, and with the help of like-minded colleagues who were constantly encouraging me, I managed to stay and thrive in this career.


“You can’t get to the end until you have been changed by the journey”. Through my years working as a financial consultant, I also have learnt so much from my clients. 


Besides having the privilege to do my own financial planning, I am also able to reach out to more families and women to empower them to take charge of their own financial planning. This gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I know that I am protecting families.


Team William Tan Organisation provides a platform for me to constantly learn and add value to my clients.

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