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Tang Wen Xiang

Prudential Executive Financial Consultant

I started my financial service journey in 2016 through the company’s internship programme. Ever since then, it has been 5 great years where I started the #HelpServeEducate movement - aimed to ‘Help’ people curate their unique financial portfolio, ‘Serve’ them by providing world-class service, and ‘Educate’ them with bite-size information for them to learn and grow together with me.


Team William Tan Organisation has provided a great platform which has allowed me to gain a head start in understanding the reality of working life; understanding, and learning how to manage the expectations and balance the interests of different individuals. With these skill sets learnt, together with the rich knowledge shared by the veterans in the agency, I have grown by leaps and bounds to be where I am today - being recognized as one of the few top financial consultants in the global stage.


This career allows me to choose my desired lifestyle where I can spend more time with my loved ones, take time off in times of emergency, or to take a break to recharge and refresh myself. My favourite pastime activity is to stroll alongside the stretch of beaches, enjoying the sea breeze while reflecting or making plans for the next year, be it for learning, self-development, client servicing, or work.


I am grateful for the support of my #TANGful4You family, where their trust and support have allowed me to grow to where I am today. This community is mainly made up of young couples and their parents, where I strive to deliver the best solutions for them, be it for family planning, or retirement milestones. I will continue to upgrade and promise to deliver my best for every one of you!

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