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White Sheet

Leading the agency are the 8 of us who see value in lifting our teammates up to success. We believe that as leaders, our role is to ensure that we provide the right environment for our teammates to soar to greater heights.


Together, our different traits complement each other and we pool our resources together to provide more value to the agency.

Our Leaders

Ong Mei Shyuan

Prudential Financial
Services Director

With over 12 years of experience, I have been a trusted financial consultant to individuals, families and business owners.


I enjoy helping people choose the best possible plans to help them feel secure and plan their financial goals. My aspiration for helping clients is the reason why I am still in this industry today. 


Being in this trade, I also get to achieve work-life balance and spend quality time with my family especially my children. My commitment to building positive relationships with my clients is the cornerstone of my beliefs. My passion for insurance stems from my desire to protect people and their loved ones


In my free time, I enjoy baking and travelling. Both my hobbies take me out of my comfort zone and inspire me to see, taste and try new things. It is also an opportunity to connect with others who enjoy the same passion.

Edson Lim

Prudential Senior Financial
Services Manager

Being an agency leader in Team William Tan Organisation, I enjoy taking on new roles and attaining new knowledge to value-add the people around me. Being certified as an Agile professional and an Enneagram coach enable me to serve as a catalyst for the team and to remain resilient in this ever-evolving industry.


My belief in this business is to put my people’s needs first, alongside the genuine partnership that I have acquired. I constantly motivate my team that helping people should be a priority and I believe this contributed to my team's tremendous success in the last ten years.

Edson Lim.JPG

Joey Ong

Prudential Senior Financial
Services Manager

I joined Team William Tan Organisation in 2013 while pursuing my degree in NUS. With tremendous passion and purpose in assisting clients to plan and achieve their financial goals, I continued my career as a Financial Consultant upon graduating in 2015. Shortly after, I was then appointed as an Agency Leader within 18 months after graduation. 


Since then, I have successfully groomed many successful Student Financial Consultants. Today, I am moving onto grooming Agency Leaders. I believe that every individual has what it takes to achieve success, even as a student. “Your Life, Your Career, Your Choice.”

Richmond Chen

Prudential Financial 
Services Manager

I had 5 years of experience in Corporate IT Solution Sales prior to joining the industry.


I joined Team William Tan Organisation in 2014 and I hope to be of help to people that I come across to solve their insurance needs.


I truly believe that your network determines your net-worth! I strive to add value to my agents and clients who cross paths with me in whichever way I can.


The support by the team’s management and forward-thinking environment accelerates my growth and provides a good platform for us to reach out and achieve our dreams and goals.

Richmond Chen.jpg
Jason Tang.JPG

Jason Tang

Prudential Associate Financial
Services Manager

I used to think that scoring good grades and landing a job in the corporate world is the only option in life. However, this career has clearly shown me a horizon of endless opportunities, as long as I was hungry and ambitious enough to work for more, I need not subject myself to a mundane life working for someone else and restricting my career progression to my employer’s decisions.


Entering this industry as an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to accelerate my career progression and gain a head start upon graduation.

My decision to start pursuing a different path from my peers have led me to become the youngest manager in the organization and I now lead a team of young individuals filled with passion to dream, challenge and achieve the impossible.


Team William Tan Organisation has always been the place where young individuals are provided the guidance to walk in the right direction be it in the career or in life. It has shown me that success is built on character and one can start from ground zero & work his way up simply by being hungry enough to succeed.

Jasmine Goh

Prudential Associate Financial
Services Manager

I began my journey as a student financial consultant at the age of 21 and continued as a full-time financial consultant here with Team William Tan Organisation thereafter.


I believe I have to provide the best for my clients and lead them towards a future free of financial woes. This journey has been a beautiful and fulfilling one watching my clients grow alongside me.


I also began my journey in building a team of my own by nurturing young individuals and imparting knowledge. Reading in my free time also contributed to my inspirations and ambitions.


Being in this team, I believe that having the right environment matters to nurture and lead more young successful individuals. It is my mission to impart my knowledge to my team as well as to create an impact in the lives of my clients.


Zack Ng

Prudential Associate Financial 
Services Manager

Having come from a humble family background, I’ve always wondered how to rescue myself out of my current financial situation during my days as an undergraduate. I found it hard to achieve a head start in life if I were to merely focus my time on pursuing my degree.


I came across the financial services industry in late 2015 and realized the greater opportunities that were presented to me - this career allowed me to have full control over my salary, progression and time.


This career has also provided me with great fulfillment from being able to change the lives of my clients whom I will be journeying with throughout their life stages.


I am very grateful towards Team William Tan Organisation for constantly allowing me to thrive and being an integral part of my character development. The people around me have changed the way I view life for the better and I am always well-taken care of which really helped me to feel like I am always in an optimal state to pursue my goals.


Only with a good mental state, then can we bring upon positive impact to the people around us and help them reach the desired life they envision.

Frederick Ang

Prudential Associate Financial 
Services Manager

An avid dreamer, with a taste for new experiences.


My career started with me being a student Financial Consultant. Being young and energetic had its benefits, but I had no direction. 


Being in William Tan Organisation has helped harness my potential to pursue something bigger.


I have come to realise that life has to be lived, and that risks can be managed.


This Philosophy has guided me throughout my journey, from planning for my clients, to managing my team.


Learn from the Past, Plan for your future, and live in the Present.

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