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Jethro Tan

Prudential Financial Consultant

As an undergrad stepping into this industry, it was definitely not an easy decision to make as an undergrad. However, it was a decision that I did not regret making. My main motivating factor in being a student financial consultant is that my expertise is able to protect and improve the lives of my clients and people around me, as I do not want anyone to experience sleepless nights worrying about the financial difficulties that they are facing. 


Team WTO has provided me with an opportunity to continuously learn and  develop as a person. With the knowledge and guidance that I received from Team WTO, I can further apply it to helping people in all walks of life.


My goals for the future in this career are to ensure that I can positively impact as many people as possible and to uphold the standard of my services to my clients to ensure that they are always happy.

Jethro Tan
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