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Jason Tang

Prudential Associate Financial
Services Manager

I used to think that scoring good grades and landing a job in the corporate world is the only option in life. However, this career has clearly shown me a horizon of endless opportunities, as long as I was hungry and ambitious enough to work for more, I need not subject myself to a mundane life working for someone else and restricting my career progression to my employer’s decisions.


Entering this industry as an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to accelerate my career progression and gain a head start upon graduation.

My decision to start pursuing a different path from my peers have led me to become the youngest manager in the organization and I now lead a team of young individuals filled with passion to dream, challenge and achieve the impossible.


Team William Tan Organisation has always been the place where young individuals are provided the guidance to walk in the right direction be it in the career or in life. It has shown me that success is built on character and one can start from ground zero & work his way up simply by being hungry enough to succeed.

Jason Tang
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