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Janice Lim

Prudential Financial Consultant

Having experienced how a family can be financially impacted by a single unfortunate event, it has spurred me to guide people towards taking preventive actions through personalised financial planning. 


Understanding my clients' needs has been my motivation in journeying with them through their milestones in life and it is especially heart-warming when I get to witness their family expansion and protect them holistically. Hence, the birth of #JourneywithJanice community.


Team William Tan Organisation has been supportive in client servicing events where we get to interact with clients and their loved ones through their favourite activities. This has allowed us to continuously place our clients’ interests as priority and build fulfilling relationships with them. 


Outside of work, I like to explore culinary skills with my family. Cooking brings endless experiences in working with an array of ingredients and I see this similarity in the career as we cross paths with people from different walks of life. I also cherish the time where I bond with my loved ones through common interests in food.

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