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James Law

Prudential Financial Consultant

The main reason I decided to take a leap of faith and step into this industry is because I do not see my future self working regular long hours and this career allows me to soar far ahead. Being a student financial consultant, I also believe that being young allows me to have a headstart in terms of my career.


Team WTO has imparted many different lessons to me, most importantly how to connect with people to get through to their hearts and minds. In the words of my mentor, as long as I continue being passionate, give in my 100%, and have the capacity to learn and grow from adversity, I can be successful. These words have resided firmly in my mind throughout my journey with Team WTO.


Similar to how others have previously helped me in the past, I would like to carry forward this gesture of kindness. I am committed to offering my clients my expertise should they stumble, waver or lose sight of the path in their lives. I strongly believe that if you are to receive, you have to first be willing to give. 

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