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Harald Lee

Financial Consultant

Being an university undergraduate, I have often wondered if the course I took is where my passion lies or is it simply because it provides a rewarding future. This thought was exacerbated by the fact that I entered adulthood, when bigger responsibilities were placed upon me to succeed. 


In 2021, the opportunity in this industry was presented to me and I came to realize that my passion lies in the cause of benefiting others. Thus, this industry provides me with the means to be able to do so, affirming that my choice and direction within the financial industry is what I strive for. 


My current success and growth can be attributed to Team William Tan Organisation, as the agency has helped to deepen my financial literacy and further my personal development and character. Thus, I look forward to being the servant leader that serves and safeguard the well-being of people and their loved ones unconditionally.

Harald Lee
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