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Germaine Heng

Prudential Master Financial Consultant

My journey with Team William Tan Organisation (Team WTO) began with an internship stint during university. Fast forward to today, it has been a decade-long career choice, filled with many life stories and autographs of those who have placed their trust in me. 


I believe that everyone has a purpose in life, and I see it as my personal mission to guide others towards achieving their goals through proper financial planning. Every client has their own unique story and with each relationship built, it drives me to be better at my craft and in turn, value-add my clients. 


The environment in Team WTO supports entrepreneurship and embraces failure. These have encouraged me to always challenge myself and to step out of my comfort zone. The flexibility of this career has also allowed me to truly be the CEO of my life - pursuing my hobbies of traveling and baking while still having a meaningful career.

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