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Darren Siah

Prudential Senior Financial Consultant

As an undergraduate back then, I found myself constantly questioning what the future held for me after graduation. The opportunity to join this industry came knocking in 2019 and I onboarded as a Student Financial Consultant, before transitioning into taking up more roles and responsibilities in Team William Tan Organisation (Team WTO) after I graduated in 2020.


Team WTO has provided me with various opportunities for personal growth and career progression, which I feel is the cornerstone of a successful and fulfilling career. I have always seen it as a calling to help others, and this career allows me to create positive and lasting impacts on people's lives in more ways than one.


I have met and helped numerous people in the course of my career here to become better versions of themselves and I look forward to scaling greater heights of financial advisory and guidance together with my clients, colleagues and team.

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