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Isaac Wan

Prudential Financial Consultant

My journey with Team WTO started as a student and I joined this industry to challenge myself. Ever since I started, I find myself learning a lot of new knowledge which provides me with a lot of personal growth and experience, to offer the assurance I can give to my clients, understanding them and  providing the right recommendations to tailor to their financial goals.


Team WTO has brought me many opportunities to expand my network. It has given me great joy and fulfillment in providing my best to my clients that have placed their trust in me, which motivates me to maintain this client relationship through their various stages in life. 


The agency has given me the fundamentals of my journey in this career, which I am deeply grateful for. My mentor plays a huge role in inspiring me, allowing me to be the confident financial consultant I am today, to provide the best for my clients. Joining Team WTO has allowed me to believe in my abilities and constantly improve myself to pursue my goals. 


The agency culture and training system has been a big part of my constant personal growth so that I can always be the best version of myself, and applying it to my service and commitment to my clients. Lastly, my purpose in this journey is to help my clients reach their desired financial goals in life.

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