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Yvonne Yan

Prudential Financial Consultant

After graduation, I was looking for opportunities to improve myself in terms of my personal growth and financially, therefore I decided to join this industry. However, my mindset changed after I joined this career when I realized that this job has more purpose and fulfillment when I am able to help my clients be a step closer to their financial goals. 


I am grateful to my mentors in Team WTO for their constant guidance and support. Whenever I need help, the agency culture is built as such that they will always be there for me! 


I always tell my clients that my service does not merely offer solutions but instead builds a continuing relationship with them. I work closely with my clients to help them to identify their financial goals, and then provide recommendations for them to achieve them. 


I feel happy and fulfilled when I see the smiling faces of my clients when I help them, knowing that it is the right career for me as I can impact even people around me. Especially when my friends and peers who did not have any knowledge prior to financial planning take action for the better of their future.

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