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White Sheet

Young People Lead The Way

Team WTO was formed in 2016, which initially started out as William Tan & Associates in 2011. The team expanded exponentially over the years into a Multi-Million Group Agency with our proven system and leadership training.  Team WTO now paves the way for more leaders to step up and lead. Together with our leaders, the agency is set to continue soaring in the many years ahead.

We Value Client Relationship

As an organisation, we have touched the lives of almost 3000 individuals, helping our clients achieve a peace of mind, creating a long-lasting relationship. We believe that strong relationship with clients is essential part of our business

Winning As a Team
 Our growing team thrives on new ideas and teamwork. Our Financial Consultants grow through learning from industry leading seniors, and capable leaders. This winning combination propels our people to success.

Live Free

William built his team with the aspiration to bring everyone towards their desired lifestyles for those who are willing to take responsibility for their lives.

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